CCTV Business Spotlight Journeys to The Habit Burger Grill Location in Cathedral City

The latest video features The Habit Burger Grill, which just opened a location at 31-465 Date Palm Dr. in Cathedral City. The Habit Burger Grill, which opened its first location in Santa Barbara, California in 1969, is famous for their Charburgers, which are chargrilled over an open flame. The diverse menu also features sandwiches, salads, vegan options, desserts, and much more.

What is Economic Development?

I ran into an esteemed colleague the other day while enjoying a cup of coffee in our Downtown Arts and Entertainment District. As we talked, the colleague stated he had seen a lot of economic development progress within Cathedral City lately and felt the city was building substantial positive momentum. After sharing his sincere appreciation for Cathedral City’s recent successes, he followed up with the question, “What exactly is economic development”? As an accredited economic developer, I get this question a lot.

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