What is Economic Development?

I ran into an esteemed colleague the other day while enjoying a cup of coffee in our Downtown Arts and Entertainment District. As we talked, the colleague stated he had seen a lot of economic development progress within Cathedral City lately and felt the city was building substantial positive momentum. After sharing his sincere appreciation for Cathedral City’s recent successes, he followed up with the question, “What exactly is economic development”? As an accredited economic developer, I get this question a lot.

Community Update – Focus

Focus is a curious thing. What we focus on largely determines what we see(1). Some focus on the negative, while many more focus on the positive. Thankfully, focus is a choice. As we look back on 2021, we see a vibrant community that, while impacted by COVID-19, has not only survived but is thriving. From an economic development standpoint, Cathedral City’s Planning, Engineering, and Economic Development Departments have facilitated an incredible amount of development over the last years.


Community Update

In our last Economic Development Community Update, we discussed decreasing COVID-19 numbers and the opportunity1 we, as a community, have in rebuilding our community and economy stronger than ever before. We reviewed a World Economic Forum article titled "Rebuilding after COVID-19 shouldn't mean going back to how things were,"2 which outlined how a new normal could look.


Community Update – 4/15/21

With Riverside County's recent change to the Orange Tier, our economy is already showing signs of recovery! Our economic success will only occur if we each do our part by keeping the coronavirus infection rates down; shopping local within Cathedral City; and and getting vaccinated so that we can reach herd immunity responsibly.

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