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The Cathedral City Public Arts Commission is up to great things… again! Just last night, the Cathedral City City Council approved the Public Arts Commission recommendation to memorialize the life and contributions of three nationally-recognized artists. These artists, Tim Townsley, Bill Anson, and Joseph Novak, lived and worked within our Cathedral City Cove community. Beyond being prolific artists, their contributions spanned classrooms, courtrooms, and NASA. Ranging from life-like oil-on-canvas paintings to abstract mixed-media works, to metal and wood sculptures, their backgrounds, vision, and passion were completely different. One thing all three artists did share was a love for Cathedral City.

For nearly 100 years, Cathedral City has been an artistic mecca. Artists such as Agnes Pelton, Val Samuelson, and Matille Prigge were early pioneers. Their early roots set a foundation in which more than 70 notable artists since then have built on. The Public Arts Commission’s memorialization of Townsley, Anson, and Novak’s works builds on our rich history and further defines our City’s identity. Strengthening a historically significant community identity supports Economic Development. Think of City of Palm Springs and Mid-Century Modern, City of Redlands’ and the Naval Orange growing capital of the World, or Santa Barbara and historic California missions. As the City’s economy grows so does funding for more services and amenities.

Future projects which will need community support will be the memorialization of Chuperosa Lane and the designation of the Agnes Pelton house as a historic landmark.  These community features are irreplaceable hidden gems that take decades (or in the case of the Pelton house nearly a century) to evolve. These gems add to the unmistakable character of a community new construction will never replicate. The recent formation of Cathedral City’s Historic Preservation Committee will help ensure these and other irreplaceable historic assets can be identified and preserved for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations.

Speaking of enjoyment and benefit, the City Council has affirmed their dedication to partnering with the Desert Recreation District. With the Cathedral City Parks and Recreation Department’s dissolution nearly 20 years ago, there has been a void in parks and recreational services ever since. Earlier this year, the City Council began taking formal action to fill this void by exploring partnership opportunities with the top provider of cost-effective community classes, activities, and services in the Valley. Whether your household has youngsters looking for fun and constructive things to do or family members long since retired but still young at heart, the Desert Recreation District has events, classes, and activities that benefit all age ranges. Partnering with the Desert Recreation District (DRD) can improve community health, public health, and social health. A partnership with DRD will only become possible with strong community support.

To stay on top of Economic Development activities, please bookmark for information on economic development activities within Cathedral City. You can hasten our City’s and our businesses’ economic recovery by shopping local. Check out our website, Cathedral City Shop Local, to find categories and lists of all the companies within Cathedral City which need your support. Shopping at our businesses will help keep our retailers alive and keep your tax dollars within the City. These tax dollars fund critical services such as our Police, our Fire Department, and road maintenance. There is no better testimonial for attracting new businesses than to ensure our existing businesses are prosperous.

Lastly, your efforts to keep your properties clean, weed, and debris-free are paying off. Property appearance is an important “selling point” when prospective homebuyers, business owners, and developers look for a “perfect” location. Everyone is a part of Cathedral City’s long-term success, and you are making an impact!

Dr. Stone James

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