We Need Your Leadership

Dear Cathedral City Business Owners,

Your community needs your help. COVID-19 infections are spiking. Governor Newsom is expected to issue significantly more restrictive rules Friday, November 19. These restrictions may go so far as to include curfews.

You can help protect your business, your employees and your customers by requiring everyone wear a face mask and socially distance. If you get push back from a select few who don’t understand the common sense behind using facemasks, explain both the State and the City are requiring facemask be worn at all times (see the attached). Out of a preponderance of caution, the City has gone a step farther and, in addition to requiring face masks, is requiring everyone to socially distance.

I recommend posting both the attached City ordinance and State order in both employee work areas and any customer lobby areas. Your community needs your leadership. We must work together to lower our infection rates.

20201116 State of California Guidance for face coverings

Download the Face Covering Guidance

Emergency Order No. 3B- Signed Social Distancing and Facemaks through 12-31-20

Download Emergency-Order-No.-3B

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