Do Your Part, So We Can Restart – Get Tested

As we revert to the most restrictive tier today with regards to COVID-19 business reopening, it is important for all of us to do our part, so we can restart opening once again.  Remember to:

  1. Wear a facial covering when around others outside of your immediate household
  2. Social distance at least six feet away from others outside of your immediate household
  3. Wash your hands often throughout the day
  4. Disinfect touched items often, such as a smartphone as we place smartphones against our faces
  5. Get tested! Testing helps public health officials find where cases are and where they are not in order to contain the virus.

You can get a no-cost COVID-19 test by calling (800) 945-6171 or visit   Those without symptoms should test too as many people can be asymptomatic and be a carrier of the virus.  Schedule your appointment today.

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