New Cathedral City COVID-19 Emergency Order

Dear Cathedral City Business Owner,

As the Economic Development Director of Cathedra City, I value your investment and participation in our community.  Please allow me this opportunity to share with you about an important City update concerning the recent and rapid increase of the number of coronavirus cases and its consequential community spread.  Below is information all businesses and customers need to act upon in order to keep our residents safe and our businesses open.

Brief Overview

Coronavirus cases are surging. The county’s case rate is now 27.5 people per 100,000 and a positivity rate of 12%.  Although these numbers are below the peak from the holidays, the rate the virus spread is increasing. The City Council took steps last night to slow the spread and they need your help in protecting your customers, your employees, and, on a broader scale, our community.

Cathedral City Issues New Emergency Order to Help Prevent COVID-19 from Spreading

The City Council of Cathedral City directed the City’s Emergency Services Director to issue a new Emergency Order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus.  Effective immediately, the Emergency Order mandates the following within the city limits for the health and safety of our residents and visitors:

  • Masks must be worn indoors regardless of vaccination status in public places, such as retail and grocery stores, restaurant, bars and gyms.  Masks do not need to be worn in the following scenarios: (i) while eating and drinking, (ii) while receiving services at a salon and/or facial services that could not be performed if the customer has a mask on, (iii) children under the age of 2 years, (iv) those who have a medical condition that prevents wearing a facial covering (as certified by a doctor’s order), and (iv) individuals at home or alone in a car.
  • Employees must wear a mask.
  • Face coverings are mandated for large outdoor events and gatherings where you cannot safely social-distance between others outside of your household.
  • Masks must be worn by employees and guests in all city-controlled buildings
  • City Buildings will be closed to the public with services available online, telephone, and in-person by appointment only.

In addition, effective no later than September 1, 2021, the council voted to require proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours must be shown for patrons entering a restaurant and/or bar with the exception of children under age 12 or those with a medical condition.  To get an electronic copy of your vaccination card, simply go to:

Each of us plays a role in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.  According to the CDC and leading health experts, your best defense to avoid getting severely ill from COVID-19 and the Delta variant is to get the FDA-approved vaccines authorized for emergency use.  If your doctor believes you are a candidate for a vaccine, you may schedule a vaccination appointment through your doctor’s office or by contacting your local pharmacy.  To schedule an appointment through the Riverside County Department of Health, go to or to learn about the safety of the vaccines, go to or your medical provider.  There are no more long lines, wait times, or the need to drive any far distance.

By getting vaccinated, you can significantly reduce your chances of being hospitalized.  By getting vaccinated, you can keep your family and community safer.  By getting vaccinated, you can help keep our businesses open and the economy growing in California.  By wearing a mask, you help slow the COVID-19 spread.

Dr. Stone James

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