Emergency Order No. 5

To Cathedral City stakeholders,

Our community is still recovering from the impacts resulting from businesses temporarily closed in an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus. No one knows this better than the business owners themselves.

During the July 26, 2021 Cathedral City City Council meeting, the Council voted unanimously to require masks be worn by all individuals in the City. This action was taken to slow the spread of the virus and hopefully avoid the potential debilitating impacts of State-imposed closures.

Whether operating as a for-profit or not-for-profit entity, business owners must:

  1. Require their workers, contractors, owners, and volunteers to wear a face-covering at the workplace and when performing work indoors;
  2. Post a sign at a conspicuous location at each entrance to the business, advising of the requirement to wear face coverings;
  3. Every hotel, motel, vacation rental, or timeshare must post signage, advising of the face-covering rules applicable within the City of Cathedral City. Such signage must be posted at a conspicuous location at every entrance and exit to such building, as well as on the inside of the door of every hotel, motel and/or timeshare room. For vacation rentals, such signage may be posted on or next to the main door on the inside;
  4. Take reasonable steps to keep individuals who are not wearing a face covering from entering the business; and
  5. Refuse service to anyone not wearing a face covering. (Emergency Order 5, Section 3)”

Please help the Cathedral City community, your employees, and your customers stay healthy and our economy remained open by complying with the above and attached. Thank you in advance for your support.

Please email sjames@cathedralcity.gov with any questions or concerns.

Emergency Order #5

Download Emergency Order No. 5

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