Transform your Business!

Feeling overworked, underpaid and underappreciated? Then learn how to transform your business into one you’ll truly love. Attend this workshop and discover the seven best practices for improving your profitability, client quality, and work/personal life balance. See how transforming your business can truly transform your life! Facilitated by Marty Marsh is owner of Stay in […]

Webinar: Determining Business Feasibility

Want to verify the feasibility of your business idea before investing valuable time, energy, and money? This webinar will show you what to investigate, how to analyze the information gathered, and how to determine whether you should move forward, adjust your idea, or move on. *A link will be sent a day before the event for […]

Accelerating Business Growth

Want to accelerate your business’s growth? This two-hour workshop will show you how to identify the gaps that are slowing it down, create a clearly-focused correction plan, and implement a strategy that will accelerate growth. Attend and leave with your own two-year blueprint for growth! Marianne Emma Jeff is the Owner of The Women’s Business Momentum […]

Webinar: A Pre-Startup Primer

Considering starting your own business? This hour-long webinar is packed with useful information that can help you decide. You will learn the fundamentals of starting a business, personal and professional considerations, and the critical first steps that will affect your success. Learn before you take the leap! *A link will be sent a day before […]

Business Plan Tool Box

Learn how to simplify and organize the business plan writing process whether you are just beginning or putting on the final touches. Learn about each component: goals and objectives, marketing plan, financial statements, organizational structure, and operations plan. Facilitated by Kim Scanlan, Interim Project Director of the CVWBC. Mrs. Scanlan is an accomplished business counselor […]


Community Update by Curt Watts Economic Development Director It makes a lot of “cents” for Cathedral City residents and visitors to actively support businesses located within our city.  As the summer approaches and fewer visitors to the Coachella Valley are in town, your collective support of our local businesses is especially important. By shopping locally, you […]