Hack My Business

A computer hacker uses technical knowledge to overcome a problem. A life hack is a trick or skill that increases productivity in everyday situations. In this Small Business Forum we will discuss “business hacks” – novel ways to increase your productivity, efficiency or effectiveness by using shortcuts, tools and existing systems in unintended ways.

Webinar: Business Plans Revisited

Do you have a business plan? When was the last time you revised it? In today’s business environment nothing is static, it’s always changing. To succeed, your business plan needs to be just as fluid, frequently reviewed and revised to meet the new challenges and capitalize on new opportunities. This one-hour webinar will show you how to keep that buisness plan fluid and your business successful!

Webinar: The Power of Starting with Why

Want to expedite your success? This hour-long strategic webinar demonstrates how starting with WHY to build a business ensures that all goals, projects, and activities are designed around what matters most. With the clarity of WHY comes focus, and ultimately, success!

How to Start a Successful Small Business

Want all of the perks of owning your own business? Attend this fast-paced and highly informative workshop and learn how to start your own small business. You’ll learn the key steps and processes that every aspiring entrepreneur needs to go through to conceptualize, create, and launch a successful business. Facilitated by Bethany Smith, Owner, B […]

Community Update – July 13, 2017

The City of Cathedral City works closely with the local Chamber of Commerce to promote and encourage continued success among members of the Cathedral City business and civic service community.  It’s especially fitting, therefore, that each year the City’s best & brightest “stars”, and those who support their continued success, are recognized at the Chamber’s annual Orion Awards.  This year’s event was held on Friday, June 23rd at the beautiful DoubleTree by Hilton Resort Hotel at Vista Chino & Landau.  The overall Presenting Sponsor of the event was Jessup Auto Plaza.

Coachella Valley Organization Seeking Female Entrepreneurs!

Palm Desert, California The Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center is now accepting applicants for their next “It’s Your Time: Entrepreneurial Training Series for Women”, which will begin on August 16. This intensive educational program, which includes training, counseling, mentoring, and networking, is designed to assist female entrepreneurs in launching a business. With close to 500 […]