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As a business in Cathedral City, You are a vital partner in the growth of Cathedral City

As your business grows, so does Cathedral City.
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Cathedral City’s business-friendly environment helps companies of various sizes and industries to start-up, grow, thrive, and succeed. The City fosters real partnerships and collaborations with local businesses in order to contribute to their continued success, as integral members of the Cathedral City community.

Many visitors and residents are drawn to Cathedral City for its climate, desert beauty, and family-oriented atmosphere. The City of Cathedral City created the Business Development Team to provide specialized services to the business community.

Businesses looking to locate in the city can receive information on vacancies, zoning, and broker contacts through the Commercial Space Inventory Report. Once a business decides to locate in Cathedral City, the team provides ombudsman service with the various City departments and local agencies.

If you have a question about the City of Cathedral City, the Business Development Team is available to assist you. Please contact us at (760) 770-0386.

Leisa Lukes

Business Development Manager
(760) 770-0386




Stone James

Economic Development Director

(760) 770-0336